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Within the Flame

Annali Grey is the skeptical new girl in town who suddenly finds herself thrust into the midst of a war with phantoms of the ancient past. Shawn is a local Navajo boy whose family has been fighting a never-ending battle with evil spirits for thousands of years.
As Annali finds herself captivated by the brave, young boy, Shawn falls equally hard for the doubting, beautiful Annali. But when the raging battle threatens their very lives, will their unyielding desire for each other help in the fight against evil, or will it prevent them from finally putting the spirits to rest?
Discover legendary secrets based on ancient tales of Navajo Skin Walkers in this blazing thrill-ride of an adventure.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is a momentous occasion. After battling nine months of morning sickness (which lasts all day, by the way), the worst case of pregnant brain in recorded history, and a year of post-baby sleep deprivation, I forced my brain to work and finished the book I started over a year ago! Sheesh!
As I type this, book one in my trilogy is now in editing mode. That's the excruciating, but necessary part of writing. I am now finished with the outline for book number two and am soooo excited to start turning the movie in my head into a book. That's how I picture my stories, after all.
So, wish me luck as I shop for a new publisher! Whoop Whoop! Hopefully, not long from now you will see "The Beckoning: Bridge to Alona" (or whatever title my publisher thinks would be better)on the book store shelves. Fingers crossed*